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Work-related stress risk assessment – the why, the what, the how

A webinar introduced by Organisational Psychologist Managing Director - Highley Yeoman and Dr Carolyn Yeoman. Stressing the importance of establishing a comprehensive workplace wellbeing strategy and developing a clear plan to address stressors effectively. This webinar highlighted the necessity for businesses to conduct work-related stress risk assessments as part of their wellbeing initiatives.

Workplace Wellbeing - The reality, opportunities and the messy middle

A webinar about workplace wellbeing, presented by Candice Ford, Support Manager for our Being Well Together services at British Safety Council.  Exploring how wellbeing is defined and how it really shows up in the workplace and the opportunities that wellbeing presents to an organisation and its employees.

How to present a real business case for workplace wellbeing

Following the recent design, delivery and deployment of a series of FREE, 3 hour, Keep Thriving Wellbeing Strategy Workshops, Marcus Herbert, Head of Wellbeing at British safety Council, uses this session as an opportunity to share insights and findings from the workshops delivered and the organisations that attended.

Education sector: Wellbeing in the Early Years Environment

A webinar on wellbeing in the early years environment from guest speakers at Bright Horizons Work + Family Solutions, Daisy Newbery, Head of Reward, Wellbeing and Organisation Design, and Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership.

Indoor air quality and the impact on cognitive function, productivity and wellbeing

A webinar on indoor air quality and the impact on cognitive function with Dr Julie Riggs, Senior Head of Education at British Safety Council. The session will explore how poor air quality can affect the brain, cause chronic health issues and decrease productivity levels, and how we can combat this to create healthier work environments. 

Managing organisational stress in a stressful world

We were pleased to present this webinar on managing organisational stress from guest speaker Simon Taylor, Head of Corporate Wellbeing at York Mind. The session explored the main causes of stress in the workplace, and identify ways stress can be prevented, with key take-away ideas and practical strategy.

Leadership in Health, Safety and Wellbeing

We were pleased to present a lunchtime webinar where our guest speaker Phil Clarke, Head of Health and Safety at Care UK, explored the role of leadership in improving health, safety and wellbeing in any organisation.

Sustaining Wellbeing and Employee Engagement in Remote and Hybrid Work

We all know that an engaged worker is a happy worker. And when we have happy workers, they’re more productive, they stay longer in an organisation, and they thrive. Now workers work remotely or in a hybrid setting - so how do we engage them all without having a dedicated employee engagement team, and without asking staff to spend hours completing engagement surveys?