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Our wellbeing experts work alongside organisations no matter what stage of maturity. From those at the beginning of their wellbeing journey, to exemplars with established approaches. We provide both capability and capacity, helping you to develop informed approaches to wellbeing.  


Employee wellbeing goes beyond the latest app or service. It includes the overall mental, physical, emotional and economic health of employees – and it is influenced by multiple factors, from job design to autonomy, connectedness to career progression, to the quality and robustness of available support mechanisms.

Stress Risk Management Consultancy

Stress is one of the greatest hazards in the workplace, impacting performance, affecting mental and physical health – and is the biggest driver of burnout. Ultimately, exposures to workplace stress directly link to employee job satisfaction, engagement, productivity and the bottom line.  

Wellbeing Strategy 

Recent reports demonstrate that organisations that take a strategic approach to workplace wellbeing achieve a healthier and more inclusive culture; improved morale and employee engagement; lower sickness absence; and better staff retention.


  • Tracy Vernon image

    "When the Being Well Together Programme launched, we were keen to get involved. It offers us baseline data in terms of our current performance, and a comprehensive structure to help prioritise our future actions. The team have been very supportive."

    Tracy Vernon Director of Marketing and Communications, Shawcity Ltd
  • Catherine Doble image

    "The Being Well Together Programme has been really useful for our company. Our Support Manager is very passionate and helpful, and has helped us with a recent survey to see what we’re already doing well, and also how we can improve in the future. "

    Catherine Doble Merck: Sigma-Aldrich Company Ltd