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With increasing sickness absence levels, decreasing employee engagement and more demands being placed on employees to perform; supporting the wellbeing of your people has never been more important. 

Our Workplace Wellbeing Programme helps you to build an effective wellbeing strategy to support your employees in the best possible way.

Our tools and resources will help you to:

  • Optimise your resources so that wellbeing becomes embedded into the organisation culture.

  • Understand the wellbeing support your employees want.

  • Save money by evaluating the effectiveness of your current provision.

How can our wellbeing experts at British Safety Council help?

When it comes to workplace wellbeing, having a plan in place makes all the difference.  

According to CIPD and Simply Health, organisations that have a wellbeing strategy report: 

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Decreased sickness absence.

Our affordable Workplace Wellbeing Programme gives you the tools and resources so that you can create a sustainable wellbeing strategy for your organisation.  

Find out how our Workplace Wellbeing Programme can support your organisation and employees today

Tailored and flexible solutions

Our Workplace Wellbeing Programme will enable you to assess your health, safety and wellbeing requirements. You can identify any gaps and explore the most effective measures of success, helping you build and implement a plan. 

Our expertise allows us to provide you with comprehensive support throughout your journey. Your dedicated Support Manager will help you understand where to start, interpret findings, access relevant research, resources and campaign materials, signpost to reputable sources and understand best practice. This will save you time, provide assurance and enable you to get the most effective results from your investment. 

Contact us now to find out how we can help you to build your ideal approach to wellbeing.

How does our Workplace Wellbeing Programme work?

Partner with your dedicated Support Manager and follow our step-by-step resources. Our Workplace Wellbeing Programme gives you the tools to create and implement your own wellbeing strategy. 

With our guidance you can: 

  • Collect data to find out what your employees need 
  • Write a wellbeing plan, and 
  • Implement your wellbeing plan. 

Included in our Workplace Wellbeing Programme, we provide you with our:

Organisation Assessment Tool

A great starting point is to undertake an initial assessment of your organisation’s health, safety and wellbeing provision. Following the completion of the assessment, a report detailing prioritised recommendations to help you to move along the continuum of improvement is provided.

Employee Wellbeing Survey

In conjunction with our Organisation Assessment tool, the Workplace Wellbeing Programme also allows you to gain valuable insights into your employees’ perspectives of how well your organisation is meeting their health, safety and wellbeing needs. Designed to provide a summary across a range of wellbeing topics, it gives you the opportunity to establish an anonymised view of your biggest wellbeing concerns. By taking a data-led approach, you will ensure the wellbeing initiatives you roll out are relevant to the needs of the organisation.  

Assessment perception and benchmark comparisons

Our two assessments have been designed to enable you to compare perceptions against each other. Using our unique comparison tool, you will be able to see whether your employees’ perceptions match that of your senior leaders, and some of the gaps you may need to close to enhance alignment and expectations. 

With our one-of-a-kind assessment services, we provide you with the opportunity to see how your employees’ wellbeing compares with that of other organisations. You’re able to see how your employee’s wellbeing compares to benchmark data in the following areas: 

  • Workload 
  • Stress 
  • Job security 

Support from experts

We provide you with recordings of exclusive Workplace Wellbeing Programme webinars to guide you through key challenges that your organisation may face. Past recordings include Managing Organisational Stress in a Stressful World, Indoor Air Quality and the Impact on Cognitive Function, Productivity and Wellbeing, and Leadership in Health, Safety and Wellbeing.  


Communication resources

One of the common challenges organisations find is that they struggle to engage with their employees and the impact of all the great work behind the scenes is lost. To help you maximise the success of your communication we provide guidance and templates so that you’re able to easily and effectively connect with your employees.

Tools for employees

Included as part of your subscription is access to over 50 guides and posters to promote, educate and improve health and wellbeing within your workplace. These materials support you across all domains of workplace wellbeing including physical health, mental health, financial wellbeing, good work, career development, managing absence and more. 

With our three year Workplace Wellbeing Programme, you’ll benefit from: 

  • Use of our unique self-assessment tools, so that you can map out what your organisation needs to do to achieve best practice in workplace wellbeing 
  • The support to build an effective wellbeing strategy so that you can save time, money, and resources moving forward 
  • The option to repeat assessments so that you can measure progress each year. 


  • Tracy Vernon image

    "When the Being Well Together Programme launched, we were keen to get involved. It offers us baseline data in terms of our current performance, and a comprehensive structure to help prioritise our future actions. The team have been very supportive."

    Tracy Vernon Director of Marketing and Communications, Shawcity Ltd
  • Catherine Doble image

    "The Being Well Together Programme has been really useful for our company. Our Support Manager is very passionate and helpful, and has helped us with a recent survey to see what we’re already doing well, and also how we can improve in the future. "

    Catherine Doble Merck: Sigma-Aldrich Company Ltd