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We were delighted to present this webinar on wellbeing in the early years environment from guest speakers at Bright Horizons Work + Family Solutions, Daisy Newbery, Head of Reward, Wellbeing and Organisation Design, and Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership.

Attendees discovered: 

  • The importance of colleague wellbeing and the link this has to the quality of care practitioners provide in their setting
  • The challenges within the early year’s sector around wellbeing
  • How to gather data and use this to create a holistic wellbeing strategy that supports wellbeing throughout all life stages
  • The potential blockers to embedding wellbeing strategy within the Early Years sector
  • What Bright Horizons have done to improve wellbeing and a sense of that impact
  • The objective for those attending is to prioritise employee wellbeing within their organisational strategy as a way to retaining and attracting staff but also driving quality and growth within the setting. 

Watch the webinar recording now