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In developing and evolving any approach to workplace wellbeing, it is important to understand the wider picture. What policies, practices, procedures and support infrastructures are already in place? How are they communicated? How do leaders, managers and employees engage in them? How accurate and robust are your data outputs?   

Our organisation assessment services enable you to:  

  • Benchmark against a series of key measures  
  • Identify gaps in your existing approach to wellbeing, and   
  • Help to map out a measurable plan of action towards best practice.

We provide 3 assessment options:


Our unique self-assessment Organisation Assessment Tool acts as gap analysis. It covers the domains of wellbeing identified by the CIPD and, using the Plan, Do, Check, Act model, gives a prioritised recommendation report to help your organisation to achieve best practice in workplace wellbeing.

Organisation Assessment

As part of the Workplace Wellbeing Programme, you can use our Organisation Assessment Tool at no extra cost. The distinctive functionality of this assessment is that you can compare assessment responses across different employee levels within your organisation. This provides insight into perception differences when it comes to health, safety and wellbeing policies, procedures, promotion and management in your organisation.

Bespoke Assessments

Our bespoke organisation assessments help to bring together as much information as possible to provide insight into the health, safety and wellbeing of your organisation. Our experts work with you to help prioritise and inform your wellbeing strategy, provision and practices moving forward.


  • Tracy Vernon image

    "When the Being Well Together Programme launched, we were keen to get involved. It offers us baseline data in terms of our current performance, and a comprehensive structure to help prioritise our future actions. The team have been very supportive."

    Tracy Vernon Director of Marketing and Communications, Shawcity Ltd
  • Catherine Doble image

    "The Being Well Together Programme has been really useful for our company. Our Support Manager is very passionate and helpful, and has helped us with a recent survey to see what we’re already doing well, and also how we can improve in the future. "

    Catherine Doble Merck: Sigma-Aldrich Company Ltd