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Health and safety legislation requires employers to assess the level of risk from hazards in the workplace and to take all reasonably practicable measures to prevent or sufficiently reduce those risks.  This includes stress-related factors.  

We support you with expert guidance, to enable your organisation to meet legal and best practice requirements when it comes to psychosocial risk management. Every organisation we work with is unique and yours is no different, we adapt our approach to suit you.

A general example of our process:

  • Work-related stress management policy and practice review against local legislative frameworks. In the UK for example, we benchmark our client’s approaches against the Health & Safety Executive Stress Management Standards.  
  • Assessment services including stakeholder interviews, desk-based assessments, and review of supporting data and documentation.  
  • Provide guidance and recommendations on improvements, including supporting organisations in understanding and prioritising measures and actions they can adopt in addressing identified gaps.  
  • Development and implementation of recommended solutions including, for example, creation of a workplace stress risk assessment framework or education programmes for leaders, managers and employees.  

Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of existing policies, procedures, and strategies. We may review organisational data sets to identify where the risk lies, and conduct employee consultation workshops. All of this information enables us to form a picture of what stress looks like in your organisation, and our expert Consultants are able to identify how best to mitigate that stress.   


We’re passionate that no one should be injured or made ill through their work. Our stress risk management services will help you to improve your people experience through ensuring evidence-based approaches, built to land within your organisation’s culture, whilst ensuring legal duty of care is met.   


Find out today what outputs your organisation can expect.


  • Tracy Vernon image

    "When the Being Well Together Programme launched, we were keen to get involved. It offers us baseline data in terms of our current performance, and a comprehensive structure to help prioritise our future actions. The team have been very supportive."

    Tracy Vernon Director of Marketing and Communications, Shawcity Ltd
  • Catherine Doble image

    "The Being Well Together Programme has been really useful for our company. Our Support Manager is very passionate and helpful, and has helped us with a recent survey to see what we’re already doing well, and also how we can improve in the future. "

    Catherine Doble Merck: Sigma-Aldrich Company Ltd