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When asking employees for their feedback, it is important to collect quantitative and qualitative data.   

Although surveys tell an organisation ‘what’ is going on, qualitative data via focus groups, can help inform an understanding of ‘why’ it is going on. By targeting specific topics or areas of challenge, the data gathered from focus groups gives you insight into employee perception.

Common focus group topics that our Wellbeing Consultants facilitate include:  

  • Workload, work demand and stress  
  • Job design  
  • Working relationships   
  • Bullying & harassment  
  • Wellbeing support  
  • Managing change  
  • Engaging with hard-to-reach groups.  

For focus groups, we provide you with a neutral and independent expert facilitator to manage the discussions, analyse data and write reports of the findings and suggested next steps. Employees are given the opportunity to speak freely with the knowledge and confidence that their comments will remain anonymous.

Speak to our wellbeing team to explore how focus groups could work for your organisation.