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What we do

The Being Well Together Programme is a 1 or 3 year programme, where organisations, known as Supporters, are guided to create, implement, and maintain a health, safety, and wellbeing strategy. This includes having access to an online portal (Resource Hub) and a Support Manager. It is available from British Safety Council or Mates in Mind, both registered charities. Being Well Together is not just the name of the Programme though, but also the wellbeing brand of British Safety Council, which includes a whole host of services including audit, consultancy, training and much more.

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Customise your approach

We understand that every organisation is different and will be at different stages of developing their health, safety and wellbeing programmes. Through Being Well Together, you have access to a large number of services in order for you to customise your integrated health, safety and wellbeing approach.

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Getting started

As an organisation you really want to start doing something around wellbeing for your workers but aren't sure where to start.

Starting your journey?


The Being Well Together Programme

The Being Well Together Programme provides organisations with everything they need to develop and implement a holistic and integrated health, safety and wellbeing strategy and plan.


Free Consultation

No matter what stage you are at with your health, safety and wellbeing initiatives, our free initial consultation will help you to understand priorities, next steps and areas of focus for your organisation.