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Large, small, national or international – many organisations want the same thing –employees that thrive and businesses that flourish. They want an expert led, strategic and systematic approach delivered by wellbeing specialists to help them achieve their wellbeing and business goals.

We provide a wide variety of wellbeing solutions, created and delivered in partnership with our clients, and based on an informed understanding.

We can help you:

  • Build a wellbeing culture – our Consultants help you to build an effective and sustainable wellbeing environment

  • Gather data analysis to build an independent and holistic understanding of wellbeing in your workplace

  • Raise awareness – consult with our experts to find out how to raise the profile of wellbeing in your workplace

Here are just some examples of consultancy solutions we help organisations with:

  • Optimise attendance management – Our experts help you with policy review and creation, effective data management, equipping people managers with the right behaviours and competencies, and effectively managing absence
  • Optimise support infrastructures – We enhance your support services to meet the real need of your organisation. From the role your workforce plays, to mental health first aid frameworks, ensuring optimum treatment pathways, through to communication strategy
  • Create psychologically safe workplaces – Our experts work with you to help improve engagement and collaboration through psychological safety – nurturing environments where employees bring their authentic selves to work
  • Nurture trauma-informed workplaces – Our team can help you in communicating awareness of the prevalence of trauma and its significance in people’s’ lives. This fosters workplaces that operate with an understanding of trauma and its impact on employees, whilst working to mitigate those effects
  • Support diversity, equity and inclusion – Our experts work with you to assess your current approach and culture. We help to develop your mission, purpose, goals and roadmaps through to education, awareness, leadership and people management skills development
  • Develop communication strategy - Our experts help to ensure the right messaging, so that wellbeing programmes and strategies land effectively.  

Explore our Wellbeing Consultancy services, contact us today.

Our Wellbeing Consultants are passionate about supporting organisations. The list above is not exhaustive so if you need help in another area of workplace wellbeing that’s not detailed, get in touch now and we’ll explore how we’re able to support your needs.