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Our Supported Workplace Wellbeing Programme gives you the resources so that your wellbeing plans can move to the next level. Using our self-assessment tools you can run your own evidence-based employee and organisational health, safety and wellbeing surveys. Your survey outputs provide you with your report and recommendations combined with access to a suite of online guidance to support you in translating your recommendations into your wellbeing strategy. Our Supported Workplace Wellbeing Programme, will support you to: 

  • Use our self-assessment tools so that you can map out what your organisation needs to do to achieve best practice in workplace wellbeing 
  • Gather data to inform your wellbeing strategy 
  • Write a successful and sustainable wellbeing strategy. 

How does our Independent Workplace Wellbeing Programme work?

By following our video guidance and resources, our Independent Workplace Wellbeing Programme gives you the tools to create and implement your own wellbeing strategy. 

With short form, inspiring video guidance we take you through the steps needed to: 

  • Collect data and find out what your employees need 
  • Write a wellbeing plan, and 
  • Implement your wellbeing plan. 

Dedicated Support Team

To compliment the videos and resources, our Workplace Wellbeing Programme Wellbeing Team will provide guidance throughout the three years of your Programme. The guidance that we provide is unique to your organisation make-up; often it includes: 

  • How to make the most of the Workplace Wellbeing Programme assessment tools 
  • How to analyse the wellbeing data 
  • Employee communication and engagement guidance 
  • Wellbeing strategy review 
  • Direction on how to best implement your wellbeing plans. 

Each year of your Workplace Wellbeing Programme, you have access to 10 x 30-minute guidance calls and email correspondence with our experts in our Wellbeing Team.

Speak with our Being Well Together experts today to find out more about how we can support you.

Our Supported Workplace Wellbeing Programme is perfect for organisations that want to find out how they can better support the wellbeing of their employees and would like regular contact with a wellbeing expert to support their efforts.