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Our Premium Workplace Wellbeing Programme gives your organisation the most comprehensive level of support. Using our self-assessment tools you can run your own evidence-based employee and organisational health, safety and wellbeing surveys. The survey outputs provide you with a report and recommendations, combined with access to a suite of online guidance to support you in translating your recommendations into a wellbeing strategy. With our Premium Workplace Wellbeing Programme, we will support you to: 

  • Use our self-assessment tools so that you can map out what your organisation needs to do to achieve best practice in workplace wellbeing 
  • Understand how to best engage your employees in wellbeing support that your organisation offers, and 
  • Write a successful and sustainable wellbeing strategy. 

How does our Premium Workplace Wellbeing Programme work?

In addition to the features outlined below, with our Premium Workplace Wellbeing Programme you have access to 10 days of wellbeing consultancy to use during the three years. This consultancy is design to support all your organisational wellbeing needs. It can be used to: 

  • Write a bespoke employee wellbeing survey  
  • Analyse your organisation’s current wellbeing data 
  • Conduct focus groups 
  • Write company policies and procedures 
  • Write your wellbeing strategy 
  • Conduct a Work-related Stress Management Policy and Practice review.