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Sussex Mindfulness Centre

Offering personalised mindfulness training to help your team cope in times of change.

Sussex Mindfulness Centre Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Sussex Mindfulness Centre is part of Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. They are recognised as one of the leading mindfulness centres in the UK and have taught thousands of attendees since 2004. They have a large team of highly experienced mindfulness teachers who are used to working with companies, charities, statutory organisations and health services. They come with the safeguards, quality control measures and clinical expertise you would expect from an organisation based in the NHS.

They have a team of cutting-edge researchers allied to several universities who can evaluate the effects of their work with you using quantitative and qualitative methods. They have published over 50 peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters on mindfulness. They can show through the research they have conducted on staff in a variety of organisations that the mindfulness programmes they deliver reduce stress, improve wellbeing and increase self-compassion. They know through international research that these same programmes also improve performance, resilience and support good relationships. Their mindfulness training is based on evidence for what works and what is safe, and they evaluate what they do to allow for continuous adaptation, innovation and improvement.

Sussex Mindfulness Centre has contributed to national networks and policy including, the Mindfulness Initiative and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness, where they made a significant contribution to the ‘Mindful Nation’ report. They are also in leadership roles in the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches.