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No matter what size your organisation is, the sector or location, poor employee health and wellbeing directly results in poor organisational wellbeing. That means working days lost, decreases in productivity and effectiveness of employees, increased presenteeism and increased risk of accident or injury. It can also significantly impact on workplace culture, employee turnover and brand. Being Well Together, jointly developed by British Safety Council and award-winning mental health specialists the Mates in Mind charity, is here to help you navigate the steps you need to take, to achieve the best outcome for your organisation and your people.

The first truly joined up approach

Our experience shows that starting your wellbeing journey with a plethora of wellbeing benefits and interventions alone is unlikely to be enough, or effective, no matter what size your investment. Being Well Together is different, being the first truly joined up approach to health, safety and wellbeing. It enables Supporters to tackle wellbeing by getting to the root cause of illness in the workplace. With organisations embedding a ‘new normal’, we know that a coordinated, sustained, and integrated set of interventions, delivered as part of a holistic organisation-wide programme is the most effective in delivering short and long-term benefits to your organisation.

Programme structure

  • Create the right programme for you – A wellbeing strategy and plan needs to be aligned to your organisation and meet the specific needs of your employees. Our comprehensive assessment tools will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of where you are on your wellbeing journey, and what the priority areas are.
  • Setting up and developing your framework – Our campaign materials support you to run wellbeing related campaigns within your organisation throughout the year. Campaigns include resources for your staff and colleagues with responsibility for wellbeing via guides and webinars with expert speakers.
  • Educate and inform your workforce – Deliver tailored messages to your employees, line managers, directors, wellbeing leaders and champions with our awareness training including guides, courses, and interactive learning.
  • Become an exemplar in your field – Take your programme to the next level by investing in health, safety and wellbeing training products and courses including Mental Health First Aid England courses, Stress Awareness, Wellbeing for Employees, and more.

Choose your Supporter level

Being Well Together programme prices vary depending on how many employees you have within your organisation. For smaller organisations with up to 249 employees, a 3 year Standard Supporter package can start at just 29p per employee per month. To find out more, request a call back today. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase the programme through the Mates in Mind charity, please call 020 3510 5000.