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Matthew Green delivered his presentation titled ""Case study: Addressing staff health and wellbeing needs in an NHS organisation"". An incredibly insightful session that can be applied to organisations in a variety of industries.

Matthew discussed the difficulties that staff faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and the often harrowing impact this had on their lives. Matthew presented the journey the Royal Berkshire NHS went on from 2019 to now and delved into the methods used to inform the need for a dedicated staff health and wellbeing centre.

The challenges the NHS faced throughout the project such as ROI requirements and logistical issues are challenges that many organisations face. The solutions presented can be utilised and adapted to suit all industries. Opening the Oasis Centre has been successful and has given staff the opportunity to have separation from their workplaces to take a break, monitor their health and receive wellbeing support.

Some key takeaways from the session:
• Staff being aware and owning the centre has been key to its success.
• Providing a safe space for staff to provide feedback has been invaluable to obtaining real insights.
• Ensuring staff informed the strategy and project through interviews and feedback questionnaires has contributed to the success of the centre.
• Preventative measures were a popular requirement. Employees wanted to be caught before they fell.
• Creating solutions in a way that is suited to staff lives, such as a virtual staff GP, psychological support services and a Staff Trauma Support Service, is a valuable provision that helps save lives.