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What is it?

General and specific consultancy services that can be tailored to suit individual client requirements.

  • General services include risk assessment, development of safe systems, policy and procedure development, training needs analysis and contracted dedicated consultant to support health, safety and wellbeing development
  • Specific services include asbestos management, legionella surveys, fire risk assessments, manual handling assessments, etc.

We have 60 years of experience in supporting organisations as they develop, implement and maintain systems and processes that lead to excellence in health, safety, environmental management and wellbeing.

From working with you to develop an entirely new SHE management system, to supporting you in improving your existing arrangements, or undertaking very specific technical aspects of your operation, our experienced and expert practitioners work to your unique requirements.

Wellbeing consultancy services

Assessing your current requirements and provision, which could include:

  • Support completing information for the Being Well Together Organisational Health & Wellbeing Assessment Tool or work to set up a wellbeing audit of your organisation
  • Helping you understand the outputs and results of the Health & Wellbeing Tool or Wellbeing audit, to enable you to make informed decisions about objectives and next steps.

Our consultancy can be simple or more comprehensive, as you require.

  • Organisational health and wellbeing assessment tool support
  • Employee Wellbeing Survey support
  • Support to raise awareness and ensure your programme is successful
  • Support building an effective communications strategy for a successful wellbeing programme
  • Support building an effective multi-disciplinary team to ensure the successful implementation and running of a sustainable wellbeing programme
  • Building and embedding an appropriate wellbeing strategy
  • How to measure and monitor impact and feed back into your strategy
  • Help creating a data dashboard
  • Support reviewing your wellbeing strategy
  • Optimising attendance management eg. return to work conversations
  • Workload Management
  • Managing physical health
  • Workplace stress management
  • Writing and communicating effective policies
  • Building a critical incident / crisis management model
  • Support building an effective and sustainable wellbeing culture
  • Help identifying and addressing barriers to the wellbeing programme and culture you want.

Intervention Consultancy

  • Health and safety consultancy
  • Mental health
  • Financial wellbeing.

Get more information about our specific wellbeing consultancy services

  • Assessing current requirements and provisions
  • Independently facilitated employee and employer focus groups
  • Understanding and evaluating your data to inform wellbeing strategy
  • Conducting organisation Health and Wellbeing Assessments and Employee Survey Support
  • Building an effective communications strategy for a successful wellbeing programme
  • Benefits of a wellbeing programme - a briefing for Senior Leadership Teams
  • Benefits of a wellbeing programme - a briefing for Management Teams
  • Benefits of a wellbeing programme - a briefing for Employees
  • Benefits of a wellbeing programme - a briefing for Suppliers
  • Expert speakers or attendance at events (full day)
  • Expert speakers or attendance at events (half day)
  • Building and embedding an appropriate wellbeing strategy
  • How to measure and monitor the impact of your wellbeing programme and feed into your strategy
  • Building an effective multi-disciplinary team for a successful and sustainable wellbeing programme
  • Support to create or review your Wellbeing strategy
  • Optimising attendance management
  • Workload management
  • Managing physical health
  • Writing and communicating effective and inclusive policies
  • Building a critical incident/crisis management model
  • Building an effective and sustainable wellbeing culture
  • Overcoming barriers to your wellbeing programme and culture
  • General or bespoke Being Well Together programme support
  • Workplace stress management


Here is a list of common questions that people ask us. 

What consultancy services do you offer?

Our health and safety and environmental consultancy services are based entirely on customer needs and involve one of our experts helping to support improvements in performance in general or more specific areas (for example: risk assessments, training needs analysis, legionella surveys, asbestos management, permit to work processes, strategic planning, culture surveys, etc.)

What audits does the British Safety Council offer?

We currently offer a range of audit products and services including our best practice Five Star Wellbeing Audit, Five Star Occupational Health and Safety, Five Star Environmental and Five Star Integrated audits. We also offer certification audits to the ISO 14001 (2015) standards and the ISO 45001 standard (when issued). A bespoke sector-specific systems review service (safety and environmental) is also available and provides a baseline indication of how effectively your safety, health and/or environmental systems are being implemented across multiple sites or within specific departments.