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As part of our wellbeing assessment services, we offer the opportunity to work with our Wellbeing Consultants to develop a bespoke employee wellbeing survey. Our team of experts can give guidance on questions that are likely to work well for your organisation’s industry, size and employee base.  They will then analyse, interpret and create action plans based on your outputs.

Common post-survey challenges:

  • Not communicating the results effectively after the survey  

  • Struggling to fully understand the results

  • Not knowing what to do with the results.  

All of these challenges can have negative consequences on employee morale, engagement and retention. Yet, by analysing and communicating the results effectively, organisations like yours can better support employees and even predict behaviour and mitigate issues in the future.  

Arrange a consultation call with our expert team, to find out more about how we can help you to create, deliver and analyse a bespoke employee wellbeing survey.