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Downloadable resources at your finger tips

Once you have a plan and an understanding of where your organisation’s needs and priorities are, you can start focusing on implementation and engagement. Updating or writing related policies, providing appropriate and holistic resources for employees, investing in appropriate interventions, continued and sustainable engagement at all levels is vital

As a Supporter, you automatically gain access to a wealth of downloadable resources (See also Knowledge and Tools).

Downloadable resources included in the Supporter package are reviewed regularly but currently include: 

  1. Screen savers
  2. Annual report
  3. Regular research updates
  4. Growing number of factsheets and templates
  5. Regular campaign packs
  6. Employer guide
  7. Logos
  8. Regularly updated posters
  9. Email banners
  10. Regularly updated toolbox talks
  11. Wellbeing support resources


Supporters get access to three different Screensavers to choose from to promote the organisations supporter status to staff.

Annual Report

Each year we will send you an annual report. This will give you an overview of developments around health and wellbeing over the last 12 months and the view from our technical team of what is likely to be happening in the year ahead. We will also include details of planned webinars and other events that we feel might be of interest, so that you can plan your calendar. The Being Well Together programme will advance in line with developments in the market. So, we’ll make sure we keep you updated on all the new tools, templates, training and resources available to you.


As a supporter you can access all the unique research we have carried out around health and wellbeing as well as the broader areas of safety and environmental management. You can use this information to help your organisation understand the nature and impact of not managing health & wellbeing, and the real benefits of doing so.

Factsheets and templates

A growing number of factsheets and templates are available for your use automatically as a Supporter, including:

  • Managing stress factsheet
  • Mental health policy template
  • Template communication for employers
  • Template internal communication: start the conversation facilitators
  • Train the facilitator form.

Campaign pack

As part of your Supporter package, we will provide you with 4 to 6 campaign packs each year to help your health and wellbeing internal campaign, aligned with mental health and other wellbeing related subjects.

Employer's Guide to a Successful and Sustainable Wellbeing Programme 

As a Supporter you will have access to an overall Employer Guide. This guide is intended for you the employer, to support the roll out of the Being Well Together programme. 

Being Well Together Logos

We will provide you with a downloadable Supporter logo to help you promote your commitment to good health, safety and wellbeing. You can use the Supporter logo to display your affiliation with the Being Well Together programme.



Included within each of your campaign packs we send you, will be a series of posters that you can use to promote your commitment to health and wellbeing to your workforce. To get you started, we include 5 initial poster designs.

The volume of posters you automatically receive in campaign packs will vary depending on the size of your organisation. However, additional posters can be ordered online.

To access previously released posters digitally and download them yourself you can login into your Supporter Area. 

Email banners

We have created email signature banner ads for all supporters to use. They can we downloaded from the Supporter Area. 

Wellbeing support resources

All of the training material used in our health and wellbeing courses is available for you to download in the Supporters Area. 

Resource Hub+

To really take your programme to the next level, we recommend that you consider upgrading to Resource hub+. Resource hub+ puts at your disposal a huge and growing library of resources.

What is it?

Resource Hub+ offers ‘point of need’ digital wellbeing resources organised into 11 topic areas as follows:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Drugs, alcohol and smoking
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Introduction to wellbeing
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Mental health
  • Parenting / caring
  • Physical activity
  • Presenteeism and leaveism
  • Sleep
  • Stress

Who is it for?

The resources are primarily aimed at your employees, but there are also resources for managers and senior leaders too.

What are 'point of need' resources?

Classroom teaching sessions usually aim to deliver a number of learning outcomes. During the training the teacher is able to present information regarding those outcomes but isn’t able to test understanding fully. Even if there is an opportunity to demonstrate understanding, this is done in an artificial way. As such, information covered in the training is mostly forgotten over time.

‘Point of need’ resources are there to help people put into practice something that they have learnt before. They support the learner while they are applying the learning, perhaps some time after the initial learning took place, this could be on-the-job or as and when needed.

Wellbeing is an area that lends itself well to ‘point of need’ resources, as everyone has different needs. Classroom sessions need to be broad and general in their coverage and some things may only become needed once there is a problem.

Note: Resource Hub+ resources are designed both to support classroom learners and to be used independently.

What is included?


Informative videos, 2 to 5 minutes in length, provide information and tips about a topic

Interactive exercises

Interactive learning segments, where learners can explore and receive feedback


A series of questions that allow a learner to assess areas of need within a topic. Learners are provided with a score against which improvements can be measured

Quizzes and knowledge checks

Tests a learner’s knowledge in an area. Can be used before or after learning has taken place