Financial Wellbeing Webinar

May 2021
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Join us for a FREE webinar on Financial Wellbeing and its impact on the workplace. We are delighted to be partnered with Mercer Marsh Benefits for this Financial Wellbeing campaign and as such are hosting a webinar event with advice and recommendations from a range of fantastic speakers from Mercer Marsh Benefits.

Anxiety about money is a key influencer of workplace wellbeing. Financial concerns affect employees’ mental and physical health and stress caused by worrying about making ends meet affect workplace performance.

Employers have a very clear duty to ensure that they pay workers properly. Good employers will reward workers and put in place employee benefits. But employers also have a responsibility to support workers who experience personal financial problems. Money may make the world go round, worrying about it can do long-term damage to employee wellbeing. Every business needs to understand the potential impact that positive or negative financial wellbeing has on their workforce.